Learn to Welcome Your New Neighbors

Learn to Welcome Your New Neighbors

We are supposed to respect the people that surround us. We all have neighbors. How good your relationships with them are depends mainly on you.

Little gestures speak volumes and if you know some certain rules, you will always be welcome in any country around the globe. Read the articles below to find out how people welcome their neighbors in other countries and see how different it is from what you practice in your native city. Use the tips if you intend to live abroad some day.


In India you can see that people bring various treats. Most of them are vegetarian. A housewarming gift includes fruits and other foods typical of the local cuisine. Do not be surprised if an Indian neighbor will invite you over to his place and introduce you to the family. It’s essential to know each other since in the future either of you might feel need to ask for one another’s help or support.

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