6 Most Costly Locations to Reside in the US

6 Most Costly Locations to Reside in the US

We all know that the biggest cities are the most expensive ones. It is quite challenging for its residents to live there. We have made a list of sic U.S. cities where you will need more money to survive.

This includes money spent on rent, utilities, food, various items and other regular bills. Think well before you decide to move to live in one of the 6 cities we have mentioned below:

1. New York, New York

New York is huge. And so are its prices and cost of living. Most dream of becoming part of the city. People arrive in New York hoping that they will conquer the city and be able to climb a career ladder. However, it is not that simple and easy there. Although the city never sleeps, you will need a place to spend your nights. And renting there costs a lot – it is 3 times as high as the country’s average ($950). You will also need a fortune to purchase a house, especially if your choice is Manhattan. Are you prepared to plank down $1.3 million?

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