It’s god to be famous and successful. But it is sad, all of a sudden, to become useless. Hollywood can be cruel at times.

People use their 24 hours in very different ways. Some have already learnt to save time while others are still wasting it on something useless. Here are a few habits that may be the reasons why your day seems to be too short.

You might be very skillful at applying makeup products on a daily basis. You have probably been doing this for years and know what sort of cosmetics you need to look gorgeous. However, there are a few reasons why you might need a professional artist for your wedding day.

Men are not always paid more than women. Sometimes ladies get better salaries. And here is a list of college degrees and jobs that are more profitable for women than men.

Love yourself if you already know how to do it. And learn to love your true self if you are still in doubts. No one will ever love you as much as you can love your individuality and uniqueness.

Who doesn’t like eating out? We love going to a nice restaurant where we can relax and enjoy a new dish. Menus vary and each restaurant chain is doing all possible to be number one.

We have compared the percentage of income and the cost of tuition in the following six locations and here is a list of the most expensive colleges in the world:

We know that Christmas is not all about present. However, Christmas gifts are an important part of this wonderful winter celebration. Your Christmas gift can be both inexpensive and very creative at the same time.

We often forget to thank our ex-bosses for the positive things and changes they brought into our lives. 

There are a few curious facts about Thanksgiving. This celebration is very old, but we are sure that today you will learn a couple of absolutely new things about this holiday.

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