5 Signs of Kidney Failure

5 Signs of Kidney Failure

Do not confuse acute kidney failure with chronic kidney failure. These two problems differ in several ways.

Chronic diseases develop slowly and it might take weeks, months or even years to notice the first symptoms. Sometimes patients do not feel any pain at all hence they are not aware of the problem. If you feel some kind of discomfort, see your doctor and find out whether your kidneys are healthy enough.

1. Changes in urination

The kidneys get rid of toxins through urine. Pay attention to the frequency you urinate, the quantity and appearance of your urine. If you see any changes, it might mean that your kidneys are not working properly. The worst thing that might happen is if you notice blood in your urine. If your urine is foamy or cloudy, you might be suffering from kidney failure. Emptying your bladder incompletely or too often indicate that the kidneys need treatment.

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