Mealtime Traditions from 5 Different Countries

Mealtime Traditions from 5 Different Countries

When did you have your last meal? How special was it? Do you usually have dinner on your own? We are sure you are aware of the importance of a family meal.

Here is how people from 5 different countries follow their mealtime traditions.

1. The Siesta in Spain

The custom:

The Siesta is an old tradition. This is one of the most famous Spanish customs. The siesta is held at around noon. Spaniards take a nap and relax during this period. On average, the siesta lasts for one or two hours and allows people to escape the summer heat. Besides, for most Spaniards lunchtime usually coincides with the hottest time of the day. Some spend their siesta at home with family members, while working people stay with their colleagues and relax at offices. Whether you spend it at work or home, the key point is to have some time off and have a good rest.

The lesson:

We all need some time off work. Learn to balance between your personal life and office routine. Forget about your work troubles and worries at least for a short time. Talk to people about something that is not related to work, eat a nice lunch and drink a cup of refreshing coffee. Sit back and listen to stories shared with you by others.

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