5 Unbelievable Areas Few People Ever Visit

5 Unbelievable Areas Few People Ever Visit

Abandoned places are impressive. They have their own spirit and you feel different around such spots. As more and more people find out about them, we see the level of interest in such places is rising.

It’s an interesting trend. Here is a list of abandoned places you might be interested in:

1. Italy, Craco

Welcome to a superb town situated in the southern part of Italy. Craco is a place each of us would love to live in. Living somewhere high on top of a mountain is really an incomparable feeling. Unfortunately, the place does not look alive. The problem is the landslide that the town experienced in the early 1960’s. It was then hit by a flood in 1972. Finally, it was struck by an earthquake eight years later. The citizens were evacuated and since then the town has been totally abandoned.

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