5 Reasons Why You Should Visit Disney Paris

aureliefrance / Shutterstock.com aureliefrance / Shutterstock.com

Our mission is to help you plan the perfect trip to Europe. Once you arrive in Paris, we suggest you should visit Disneyland. The capital city of France is also Mickey Mouse’s home!

1. Events and Celebrations

If you haven’t seen any of their anniversary celebrations, you cannot know how much you’ve missed in your life. Disneyland Paris is about to surprise the whole world with its creative mind – people who will be observing the event will never be able to forget it. Those of you who participated in their 15th anniversary celebrations ten years ago say that was the most impressive festival they had ever seen. The parade routes and illuminations as well as possibility to take pictures and videos with your favorite characters attract tourists from around the globe. You are also welcome to join the party and celebrate the holiday!

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