6 Ways to Tell Whether He Wants to Stay with You

6 Ways to Tell Whether He Wants to Stay with You

Dating is an interesting part of a romantic relationship. This is the time when you can get to know each other, spend some time together and see how well you click. Dating does not guarantee that you will stay with each other forever. It does not even mean that your relationship will be long-term and serious.

If you are attentive, you can notice some certain signs that might help you see whether the man wants to be with you.

1. Your man is proud of being associated with you

Watch how your man behaves when he introduces you to his coworkers or friends. If, by any chance, you two meet his friends outside and he does not seem to be willing to introduce you to them, it means he is not happy to inform others about you. The reasons for this might be different. What if he is emotionally unavailable? Think about it.

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