6 Occupations You Could not Engage in Two Decades Ago

ArthurStock / Shutterstock, Inc. ArthurStock / Shutterstock, Inc.

Having education is equal to having a job. However, twenty years ago it was impossible to engage in some certain occupations since they did not even exist. This became possible only several years ago, when technology started developing at a tremendous speed.

1. Full Time Netflix Viewer

Welcome to Netflix. This is where you can land a job. As a tagger, you’ll have to come to the company every day. Your mission will be to watch flicks and TV series before anyone else sees them! It might sound fun, but there are disadvantages as well. One of them is that the company won’t let you pick the stuff to watch. Other people shall decide what to let you watch and then rate it. Your personal likes and dislikes do not matter. Your mission will be to “tag” the material by genre. The movies and television series include movies for kids, cartoons, hard rock concerts, horror movies, dramas, action flicks and so on. If you feel like being a Tagger, you should drop by Netflix and ask for a position.

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