5 Reasons to Keep Your Maiden Name after Marriage

5 Reasons to Keep Your Maiden Name after Marriage

Marriage is one of the most significant events that could ever happen in anyone’s life. It’s touching to see a couple and dozens of guests surrounding them. Greetings and dances, wishes and delicious dishes – all of these things make the day unforgettable.

We do love traditions and follow them. On the other hand, we cannot deny that time flies and some of the customs that people followed in the past are no longer popular. One of the latest trends is to keep the maiden name after marriage. Some ten years ago this was a relatively rare phenomenon. However, it is gaining popularity nowadays.

1. There is no legal obligation

The woman is not legally obligated to change her name after marriage. There is no such law and you can keep your maiden name. If you do not want any changes and your partner is fine with it, then there is no reason why you should do it. Your surname is not changed unless you desire to change it. If someone tells you that it’s a must to change your name, make sure that the person is right and knows the rules and requirements.

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