How Healthy Might Coconut Oil Be?

How Healthy Might Coconut Oil Be?

Coconut oil is gaining popularity. More and more people get interested in this type of product. We are curious to know why people want to use it.

Let us see what makes the oil so special and unique. Knowing the advantages of using coconut oil on a regular basis, we can significantly improve the quality of life. Here are the six reasons why coconut oil should be included in your menu:

1. Coconut Oil can lead to weight loss

You have already been informed that saturated fats are bad for us all. However, coconut oil is a different story. The saturated fat that coconut oil contains is also called MCT. MCT stands for medium chain triglycerides. Unfortunately, nowadays too many people suffer from obesity. It’s good that there are a few ways to fight this problem. And MCT is one of the tools. MCT are easy to digest. They are sent directly to the liver. This causes our body to consume MTC and use the energy. The increase of energy is immediate; we expend calories and lose pounds. This means that calories are not just calories. It has been estimated that people who consume up to 30 grams of MCT a day will burn around 120 extra calories.

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