Control Your Diet - Cook at Home

Control Your Diet - Cook at Home

Only if you cook at home can you control your meals! You choose the products, spices and seasoning to your taste. You can also choose how to prepare your meals.

It is easy to count how many calories, fats, protein and carbs you consume. Not every restaurant or café can offer you such service. It is perfectly fine if from time to time you dine out, however, if you have finally decided to take care of your health, you should forget pubs and bars or learn to make the right decision when ordering a meal.

1. Salads with Creamy Dressings

The truth is that not all salads are equally healthy. The benefits will always depend on ingredients and if you choose a wrong mix, you may soon find out that your clothes sit tighter on you. Salads are often served with creamy dressings. If you have a choice, opt for lighter varieties, such as balsamic vinegar, lemon and olive oil. It would be wise if you ask to get your dressing on the side. To see whether the dressing is good, dip your fork in it before each piece – you will get the aroma and taste without turning your salad into a fat bomb.

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