6 Foods to Avoid before Heading to the Gym

6 Foods to Avoid before Heading to the Gym

Are you surprised to find out that there are some certain foods that should be avoided by people who are planning on working out in the nearest couple of hours?

Well, here is a list of foods you should not eat before exercising.

1. Leafy greens

It’s hard to believe that you might be warned not to eat vegetables and salads! However, the fact is that there are such situations. One of them is if and when you are going to the gym. If you do not want to suffer from discomfort once you reach the gym, avoid raw greens and leafy vegetables. Raw greens cause bloating and gas. Instead of a salad try and have a green smoothie – this will solve the issue. Your favorite fruit mixed with a bit of greens, granola, oats and water will fill you up without further problem.

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