5 Items You Have That Contain Toxins

5 Items You Have That Contain Toxins

Take better care of your family members and yourself. Find out more about the stuff that surrounds you at home. You might not know what items are hazardous.

The list below informs what things that you possess can cause serious health problems.

1. Water Bottles

BPA stands for Bisphenol A. This is a component that is widely used in clear plastics. This vicious element mimics estrogen in the human body hence is considered harmful to people, especially kids. It was banned in 2012 and since then hasn’t been used to produce baby bottle. However, it is still used to manufacture other items. Look for plastic bottles with “BPA-free” sign on them. Bisphenol A is sometimes replaced with Bisphenol S, which is also dangerous, because it won’t let cells in your body function well. 

Do the following: Avoid buying bottles made with BPA, BPS, or BP. Use stainless steel or glass bottles. Polypropylene plastic bottles marked with recycling code 5 or “PP”.

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