5 Reasons Why You Should Say Bye to Your Past

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5 Reasons Why You Should Say Bye to Your Past

Burning bridges is sometimes inevitable. People think that they should never do this since you never know when you might need to go back from where you came.

However, this is not always true. Do not hesitate to say bye to your past in some certain situations. Whether you are planning on moving to live in a foreign country, leaving your workplace or your personal relationships with someone you used to love are over, be brave enough to turn a new leaf and start anew.

1. Your former employer might not want to help you climb a new career ladder

Do not ask for help. Do not expect your former boss to help you in the future. Do it all on your own. You are strong and smart enough to understand that your ex-boss might not be interested in you any longer no matter how good your relationship with him or her used to be. Not only former employers, but sometimes even friends stop caring about us. Why should then your boss be willing to waste his time trying to help you build a new career? Let them give you promises, but remember that all those promises might be absolutely empty.

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