A Brief Review of the Most Expensive Universities in the World

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A Brief Review of the Most Expensive Universities in the World

We have compared the percentage of income and the cost of tuition in the following six locations and here is a list of the most expensive colleges in the world:

1. University of Cambridge, United Kingdom

We can trace the history of this great university. It seems that in the early 1200’s the area was a trading post yet the university was already functioning. At present the University of Cambridge has over 20,000 students. Approximately 7% of them come from abroad. There you can meet people from 60 different countries whose majors are behavioral and natural sciences, psychology, and engineering. International students are required to pay big money to get a Bachelor’s Degree. On average, you’ll have to pay over $30,000 for the program. There are pastoral and domestic services that students have to pay for and they reach $8,000. Additionally, living expenses require $12,000. Your parents will spend about $50,000 on your education and degree if you decide to enter Cambridge University.

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