5 Tricks for Every Learner of Foreign Languages

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5 Tricks for Every Learner of Foreign Languages

People who can speak a few foreign languages are called polyglots. We have interviewed two of them to find out how to make the learning process more efficient. This is what they shared with us:

1. Language should be connected to your life

Do not separate language learning and your usual life. Isolation won’t help at all. On the contrary, you should do all possible to connect the language you are interested in mastering to your life. What you do not need is the possible recursive loops one gets into when learning a language. If the language becomes part of your daily life, then you’ll learn it quicker. Try and switch the language set on your PC to a foreign language. Watch more foreign movies and TV channels, read magazines and books. If it is possible, try and find friends online – chat to native speakers and learn from them. Discuss various topics and widen your current vocabulary. Make your language more natural by using some slang. Make it fun rather than a tedious task. 

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