7 Lies about Food Even the Most Intelligent People Believe

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7 Lies about Food Even the Most Intelligent People Believe

We cannot survive without food. Whether you are on a diet or not, you still consume products. The quality of the foods and drinks you consume may change the quality of your whole life whether for the better or for worse.

Pay attention to what you put into your mouth and how you treat yourself. If most of the things in your menu belong to junk food, do not expect to be healthy and strong. Here are a few lies about food you might still believe:

1. Eating after 7 p.m. leads to extra pounds and obesity
We are pretty sure that this is something you believe. As a matter of fact, it’s not about the hours. It is all about the type of food you consume in the evenings. There are plenty of people who are trying to lose weight and refrain from eating after 7 p.m. Yet they suffer from extra pounds. And, on the other hand, there are lots of those who eat even at 9 p.m. and look slim enough. You’ll never reach your goal weight if you starve in the evenings but eat junk foods, sugary and fatty snacks during the rest of the day.

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