7 Harmful Habits That Can Unnoticeably Ruin Your Health

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7 Harmful Habits That Can Unnoticeably Ruin Your Health

Take better care of your health and get rid of the most harmful habits that can easily damage or ruin your health. You may not know how bad the following habits are:

1. Cheap Shades

Refrain from buying cheap sunglasses. The best brands are very expensive indeed and, since most of us end up losing or breaking sunglasses, we tend to opt for a cheaper pair of shades. That’s not a very good decision. Specialists suggest you should start wearing more expensive sunglasses for a few main reasons. First, expensive shades are made of high-quality plastic. This provides you with all necessary UV protection. All sunglasses are more or less dark. When we wear them, our pupils dilate, become wider and receive a much bigger amount of dangerous UV rays. The result is very sad – worse vision, cataract and even cancer. Save some money and purchase a good pair of sunglasses. Remember that wearing no shades is less harmful than wearing low-quality shades!

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