5 Tricks That Your Brain May Play on You

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5 Tricks That Your Brain May Play on You

2. Sympathetic Pain

Sympathy and empathy are very noble emotions. We are humans and it’s good that we are capable of feeling sorry for other people. But what is sympathetic pain? That’s a sort of pain you think you also feel when not you but someone else gets hurt. This can be visually seen very well. It can make you frown or gasp. The fact is that it’s just a trick. You do not feel any pain at all. That’s just your brain that is trying to deceive you making you believe that you feel something painful. This phenomenon has been researched by scientists using MRI machines. The equipment was applied to test the person’s brain and its reactions to what was shown to them. It is proved that the human brains contain the so-called ‘mirror neurons’ that make us feel what others experience.

5 Tricks That Your Brain May Play on You Sympathetic Pain

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