5 Tricks That Your Brain May Play on You

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5 Tricks That Your Brain May Play on You

The ways how your brains function are sometimes very strange. Perception and reaction may vary for several reasons. We trust what we see. However, what you observe or experience might be an illusion.

1. Peripheral Theory of Emotion

It’s a well-known theory in psychology. The idea is not easy to believe in. it is not really known to the general public. However, an example can help you understand what it is. Let’s say, after a party at a night club with your best friend you come back home and discover that your front door is unlocked. You enter your apartment and see a silhouette of a stranger in the total darkness of your own home. You might believe that what you feel is fear. But that’s when your brain starts playing tricks on you. How do you know it is fear if the stranger in the dark can be your beloved relative, parent of friend?

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